Meet Best Pop Music In 2018

Hi everyone, my name is David Taylor and I’m working on a project that I called “1 country, 1 artist, 1 day”, the point of my project is to make 1 whole day kind of an interview, with one of the chosen artists, see what he’s doing on his busy day, how much time he spends working and how much he spends on leisure, in my opinion the good part in my project is that it portrays every side of that particular musician, the project dives deep into his life and tries to reveal some really intimate things. Shortly saying, my project is fully based on the people that are interested in it and read it regularly. I try to choose the next artist I’m going to make an interview with, based on the requests of my readers, the people they are interested in, are my main priority and the donations they provide, makes a big difference for me because I work in a restaurant and don’t earn enough money to fully cover my expenses. I have been working on the project for about 4 years now and traveled in various countries, like Brazil, Puerto Rico, Estonia, Belgium, South Korea and other countries.

Frankly saying I received huge experience solely from this project, not only by traveling to other countries, but the other significant part of it was that I became knowledgeable in the situation of the countries pop music industry I was traveling to, I learned their situation, the pros and cons of being an artist in that particular country and even the relation of music and regions socio-economic development was significant, I have been in countries, where poverty is the main problem and people don’t seem to care that much about progression of music, only the small part of it is dragging the whole countries music scene, contrary to that in regions, where economical problems are not a burden to the population, people seem to focus more on music, people in general, not only the artists that make it, but the population that makes a big part of the music industry, once when I was in Belgium, I was interviewing a famous Belgian Hip-hop artist Starflam and asked him about the situation in his country, he said that from 90s Hip-hop really started to popularize in his country, not only the mainstream content but the underground movement was going strong to, a big part of this success was mainly because people of Belgium paid more attention to the music created inside their country and began contribution to the cause and recognition like that made native artists strife for even more and place high standards for themselves.

By the request of my readers, the next artist I interviewed was a upcoming and promising Georgian artist Bera. Bera is very popular in his country and he even tries to expand his career outside of it, that’s why for now he is based in New York. Fortunately when I contacted him about the interview he was in Georgia, that gave me a better chance to recreate a better picture of not only Beras career but the condition of Georgian music scene too. As I researched beforehand Bera was a significant character in the Georgian music scene, he introduced some compelling changes in the industry and is considered to be one of the most popular singers in his country, that’s why it was important that I had an interview with him.

The first question was not exactly aimed to discover more about his own career, rather than to know more about the condition that the Georgian music scene was in, the problems they faced and how they overcame them. Bera told me that Georgia’s music industry has been struggling to advance in the early 2000s, apart from the critical socio- economical situation, people were not interested in creating music, rather than that emerging Georgian artists pursued their dreams outside the country, everyone tried to run from here and the situation was getting worse year by year. Eventually when something goes that bad in one country, the dissatisfaction of people is apparent, people don’t receive what they want and the country doesn’t develop as it should be, because of that the tension grows and reaches its boiling point, culmination of such situation in Georgia was the change of the government that was requested unanimously throughout the country, people wanted changes and they got them, the government that came after was mainly oriented not only the improvement of the social and economical conditions in the country, but was also highly interested in its cultural growth so consequently that paved the way for Georgian singers to take chances in their country. The next chapter of this article will be explicitly oriented on Beras music career, his achievements and his life.



Introducing Running Games Online

Run Games
With the explosion of application Learn To Fly Idle , and informal pc gaming generally as a significant part of the gaming market, a selection of styles have actually appeared that didn’t exist formerly. Among those categories is the run video game, or the running game. Easy to play and also understandable, these game all have different skins and also different motifs, however in the long run they all have virtually the exact same suggestion.

What Are Run Gamings?

The short answer is that a run game is a game cubis 2 where a gamer directs a running figure through an obstacle program as that personality is chased after by some type of danger. It could be an astronaut running from aliens, a miner leaving a collapse, or almost any other sort of circumstance. The motif is the same though; there is a personality getting away from some danger, as well as the Tunnel Rush player has to help the personality by routing him or her around barriers that would or else flatten or kill them, leaving them in the path of the thing that’s chasing it.

Some Run Video Game Instances

Probably one of the most popular run games out there at the moment is Holy place Run. Made by Imangi Studios, this Run 3 has had several variations launched for the iPad, iPhone and also various other tools.

Other games such as Flood Runner and the impossible quiz its follows up, Checkpoint, Cavern Run, and other games all comply with the very same, standard styles of this countless operating game style. Whether it’s defeating feet with a dark cavern or dashing at superhuman rate through a city to pacify bombs, a run game always comes down to the same quick reflexes and feeling wherefore’s happening when it comes time for a player to get to the last levels.


The controls of any kind of run game are very straightforward. For games where players of Return Man see a side-scrolling jogger there’s generally bit even more than a jump button as well as a slide button; one to go over challenges and also one to go under them.

Tips and Tricks

In running video games there’s just one point that Cubefield players should come out ahead; fast reflexes and a rapid eye. For players that have a quick shiver response and also that can mash the right button in the right instructions, these video games are essentially one, huge double-quick time occasion that duplicates over and over once again.

Regarding The Web site

There’s no reason to spend a lot of loan to play run video games online, specifically considering that most of them are informal video games at ideal. That’s why we have all the most prominent run video games readily available on our web site and open to the public.